wwc: 2/2 favorite characters (not the doctor or his companions)
     ↳ canton everett delaware iii

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wwc: 1/2 favorite characters (not the doctor or his companions)
     ↳ craig owens

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wwc: the doctor in bad times vs. good times

wwc: the doctor in bad times vs. good times

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wwc: 1/3 companions in complimentary colors

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wwc: favorite doctor in silhouettes/faceless

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Amy’s Wibbly Wobbly DW Photoshop Challenge! 


I decided to make my own meme, sort of like a combo of the basic show challenges and the more detailed memes, something to get us through this long hiatus without new material and all. These are meant to ALL be done as a challenge series, but that’s not required. You can pick and choose if you want, or have people come into your ask and choose for you. IF you are doing it as a challenge series, the number in parenthesis (2) shows how many graphics you would do for each challenge. (Also this is written with New!Who in mind, but you can include Old!Who if you want!) These are also designed with the idea of being pic-spams or gif sets but they don’t HAVE to be!

  • (1) The Doctor in“Good times” vs “Bad times”. (Happy vs Sad, etc.)
  • (1) Favorite Doctor in Silhouettes OR Faceless
  • (3) Top Three Companions in Complementary Colors. (Complementary colors are opposite each other in the wheel.)
  • (1) Favorite Companion incolors vs b/w.
  • (2) Favorite two characters (not Doctors or Companions) in six caps/gifs each.
  • (2) Favorite two monsters/villains as“horror movie/show”.
  • (1) Favorite Two-Parter in Light vs Dark. (Can also be entirely in B/W, or not.)
  • (7) Favorite episode per Season with only Places and Things. (Focus of caps should not be people but places/objects/scenery/etc).
  • (7) Favorite quote per season in colours abound.
  • (1) Favorite emotional scene in up close and personal caps.
  • (1 or 7) Favorite Ship in the color spectrum. (ROYGBIV). (Can be one graphic, or one per color.)
  • (1) Doctor Who in your favorite color.
  • (1 or 2) Doctor Who inlaughter OR tears. (Or both.)
  • (1) Bonus time: AU Graphic. Pick two characters plus a random song (hit shuffle on your itunes, google play, etc) and make an AU graphic/gif set based on them/that song. 

For fun, feel free to tag them wibbly wobbly challenge, so people participating (including me!) can see them and reblog them. (Pro-tip: if you use that tag, make sure it’s one of the first five tags, or it won’t show up on a tag search.)

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